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it's been a busy summer over here, even if little evidence of that has surfaced on this here blog. in the event that you thought i had abandoned yarncrafts forever or have just been twiddling my thumbs these past couple of months, i give you my latest completed knitting projects:

from interweave knits summer 2005, it's the dress on the cover (better picture here, halfway down the page). only mine's a better color (redheads + gray do not a happy combination make). made with phildar licorne on no. 4s. and yes, i got a haircut. reverting back to those skunk stripes i had in 2003. (if you're passing through edinburgh and need a haircut, i have just the person for you. petra might just be better than richard. but shhhhh, don't tell him i said so.)

like my buttons?

from interweave spring 2006, the prairie tunic. okay, this one looks better on the ectomorphic model. again, made with phildar licorne on no. 4s.


Blogger foo said...

winnie - that dress is awesome!

8/23/2006 02:28:00 PM  
Blogger wind-up-bird said...

Love the dress. My only finished project (apart from many, many, many scarves) is a baby blanket, amazingly enough finished before said baby was even born. Take that, naysayers.
But we never got together! What! It's OK, because I couldn't walk most of the summer anyhow. Hope you're well.....

8/23/2006 08:14:00 PM  

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