a life-changing book: getting off the corn.

my sister just finished michael pollan's omnivore's dilemma, which i had immediately foisted upon her after i read it myself. while she also cares about what she eats, she tends to be more of a skeptic when it comes to the muckraking (fast food nation, for instance, didn't really stir her into action, since she felt it was all stuff she heard before. and neither of us really can handle eating fast food anyway).

we both agree that corn's stranglehold on virtually ever consumable (whether edible or not) is scary. and we're both boycotting it however we can. an interesting email she sent today:

i think if we lived in the US, it would be almost impossible to avoid all these random corn products [including this, which might just prove to be an extra roadblock in weaning ourselves off corn]. i have never even seen a butcher in st. louis that wasn't connectred to a grocery store. the reason the EU bans all these preservatives and fake food flavouring is that they don't have any economic reason to need to sell/move it, whereas its within the US's 'best interest' to develop these crazy ways of using corn.

by the way, this doesn't make me want to shop at whole foods either. i bought a chicken at the butcher's on saturday and split it up into different cuts, made stock out of the carcass/scraps, shredded the meat i got from making stock. can you believe that meat/stock from the chicken has been used for about 12 meals? check out what i've made with it since saturday. then again, it was kind of a big chicken (and it cost £7)

3 x homemade chicken noodle soup
4 x some indian curry (using stuff from the spice box)
3 x salad with chicken, pecans, pumpkin seed, cranberries, apple, and balsamic vineagrette dressing
1 x chicken leg (thigh and drumstick) with soy/honey/green onion reduction
1 x chicken leg to be used tonight.

if you've not already read OD and you eat, well, anything, i urge you to pick it up straightaway.


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