u moru, and other corsican things.

there seems to be this weird tendency for everyone to avoid making any kind of connection between corsica and sardinia, but having seen both now, i feel like they couldn't be more similar. they even have virtually the same symbol.

like sardinia, there's the same sort of harsh mountainous terrain perfumed with all kinds of wild herbs and vegetation (maquis or macchia, depending on your country). corsica is a little less burnt looking and has probably a little more flora. and then

there's also that predilection for lamb and grilled meat and rustic cheeses. this is at the restaurant niobel in belgodere, near île-rousse in the north, where we were. la planche niobel: figatellu (pork liver sausage) is the dark thing in the back. there's lamb and pork or maybe beef on here and that slice in the front seems to be a large piece of bacon or something.

called pagliagju (yeah, i couldn't say it either) in dialect. to the right of the salad, there's lonzu, coppa behind that, salami further to the right, and cheese beignets on the end.


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