fwc: winnie said i should post something ... i'm planning on putting together a "in search of the best korean food in boston" blurb, but until that's done i guess i'll just write about a recent food adventure ... went to this korean/japanese place called suishaya in chinatown that was surprisingly good. i'd been once before but hadn't found it memorable, but this time was good. but what i really want to know is, is koreana ever going to be open?? it's been closed now for more than a year. um ... andy left for england last night ... winnie asked him to bring back some percy's pigs or is it piglets something like that ... um, yeah. whoo, food! saw mark morris on friday. overall pretty good, although in general a little more "jokey" than i had been expecting. we went on the night he was doing a q&a and most of the time andy and i agree q&a's are more insipid than enlightening, but mark morris was pretty funny. some of his remarks (greatly paraphrased): Q: how do you pick which of your dancers appears in which piece? MM: well, actually everyone learns every piece, so when it comes to picking which performer is on a particular night, well it has to do with a couple of things: if i'm mad at him or her, oh, and if we're in the dancer's hometown and his or her parents are in the audience. (laughs) well it's true! i put them in the front so that they look good. Q: do you think you'll ever turn to choreographing for older people? MM: um, no. i mean, when i can dance with two beautiful 25 year olds?! Q: could you talk a little bit about your use of live music? MM: i love using live music. why would anyone want to go to a broadway show without live music? they might as well print the words above the stage and call it broadway karaoke. whoo, marky mark!


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