legumes night Sunday night I had my first experience shelling legumes. In my farm box last week, I got fava beans and english peas. The peas came out of the shells easy, and we sauteed/steamed them and added them to last week's leftover pasta. Yummmm. The fava beans were weird! A totally new and weird experience. You pry open the pod, which is lined with furriness inside. The little light green beans then get boiled briefly, rinsed in cold water, then you pop them out of the light green skin and out comes a green bean. I never realized that broad beans were the same thing -- there's that chinese snack of roasted broad beans that I've eaten since I was a kid. We tossed the favas with some olive oil, salt, and cayenne and ate them while watching the season finale of Desperate Housewives.


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