my deadline for work is finally FINISHED and i'm wholly enjoying my first free time. i'll start by catching up on some music news: cat stevens recording: Mr. Islam is working on his first pop album since 1978. It is expected in the fall, though there is no indication as to whether it will be released under that name or the one by which he first became famous, Cat Stevens. also, paul simon's new album was produced by brian eno. interesting. also worth mentioning is the recent announcement of the end of what was indisputably one of the greatest tori amos websites ever, thedent.com. this news is a particular shock to me b/c i have literally checked this site almost every day since i first came across it, prob. sometime just a few months after it began (in 1996). congrats to the dent for ten years of feeding my and countless other fans' tori love. you have been much, much appreciated and you will be greatly missed.


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