fwc: went to the afghani restaurant called the helmand (sp?) near the cambridge galleria the other day w/ little debbie. why is this place so popular? i thought it was quite boring. the food was a lot like indian food. for our appetizer we had this baked eggplant which came as long thick strips with a yogurty sauce. pretty good, but it wasn't stellar. i had this spicy cauliflower dish and a turnip/ginger dish (the latter of which had way too much fresh ginger), and debbie had a lamb/spinach dish and a sort of spicy okra dish. both came with rather bland brownish rice. for dessert our choices were mostly puddings (inc. a rice pudding) or ice creams, or their version of baklava. in the end we settled on the flan (called "paneen") which tasted exactly like flan everywhere else you get it. zzzzzzz. well, so much for afghani food. andy's still out of town, and man, it's amazing how much free time i have now, outside of the pining i mean (hahaha). to while away the long, long hours, i've been reading xmen (leavened by to the lighthouse which i pick up every once in a while when my brain rottage is reaching dangerous levels) and playing final fantasy 2. FF2 is awesome, esp. b/c it was never released in the us and someone's translated the rom into english so that we can play it w/ an emulator. technology rules!!! i'm such a deadbeat slacker!!!!!!!!!!!!! note to self: this weekend, do something productive for once.


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