been running across a lot of really weird but hilarious stuff lately ... first off, the group fannypack's oddly catchy first song camel toe (lyrics | mp3) has been running through my head a lot ... i mean, who could not love a group called fannypack?? the rhymes are also pretty funny. the latest issue of this x-men spinoff called x-statix teams up one of the lead characters (doop) w/ one of the most revered characters in the x-men universe, wolverine, in a mini-series w/ the first issue called "the pink mink". in this series mutants anticipate future contracts instead of future battles, and the cover alone of this issue makes me want to rush out and buy it. will prob. have to wait til i catch up on everything else x-men related i'm reading right now, though, heh. (cover picture courtesy of uncannyxmen.net.)
and to further confirm how weird japanese people are, here are pictures from the st. patrick's parade in tokyo (????) and clothing you can buy for your cat (last link thanks to austin).


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