scanned in a cartoon from way back when (i think from a towerrecords mag) about mix tapes that i thought was funny ... includes such deep insights as "boyfriends look at piles of tapes their girlfriends are saving from ex-lovers, and wonder how they measure up." ah, mix tapes. (click image to see larger version)

also, found a great new source of time wastage in the form of gaywit.com ... there's a whole section on lesbian folk songs, with such quotes as: "The next folk song is about my food issues, so I'm going to ask that none of you eat anything while I'm singing it." and "I need your help during the next folk song. Whenever I sing 'Lesbian with a gun,' I want you all to shout 'Bang!'" ... ha ha ha ...

"I've had to get a second job in order
to live the gay lifestyle."


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