toni tone tony ... the tony awards were this past sunday, and boy it is really really sad that musicals are so bland these days ... the top winner was hairspray, a completely fluffy musical based on the john waters movie, and the majority of other nominees were basically nominated out of default. last year wasn't much better, with the top awards going to the bland confection called thoroughly modern millie (based on the little-known movie w/ julie andrews) and urinetown (which was little more than college sketch comedy set to music). sad sad sad. winnie, when are we going to write our musical that's going to shake the world? any other takers out there?? other comments: hugh jackman wasn't that great of a host, but he was genial and pleasing enough. not as hot as in x2, but still pretty bootylicious. sarah jessica parker and matthew broderick were pretty funny/cute. the kiss b/t the two winners (they're partners) in the second televised award (book and lyrics) was awesome. HAHAHA. was it just me, or did that frog and toad song make them totally sound like they were lovers?? HAHAHA. anyway ...


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