I'm a little behind on this. I write these entries and then forget I wrote them and never get around to posting them. Since the Average Joe finale is coming up tomorrow, I better get this little (short this time) commentary out of the way. As usual, Average Joe was stunningly cheesy and yet at the same time, underwhelming. Melana went undercover in a fat suit, they even had a body double to fool the guys into thinking she was leaving the house, yadda yadda yadda. It was really kind of dumb, but the costume was so cool. In any case, she kept the hottie he-must-be-gay guy, and Adam. She very reluctantly kicked off Zach because we all know he's a jerk, but I'm sure she'll be giving him a call as soon as the show is over. Next week (er, tomorrow): a TWO-HOUR SHOCKING FINALE! I'm dreading it already. Did they really have two hours worth of material? I think we find out that Adam is really an internet millionaire or something. Pretty cool. --- Rainbow Grocery has been appointed "My Favorite Grocery Store of All Time." For me, the only downside is that I eat meat and seafood, and Rainbow has neither. It's a natural food coop on crack. The bulk food section is enormous, their organic vegetables are delicious yet not exhorbitantly expensive. Oh my other complaint is that I am scared of the worms in the corn. There's a cute sign above them that says, "Don't be afraid of the worms! This is normal and indicates healthy and delicious corn!" But I am afraid. The other huge plus is that when you leave the house too early on a Sunday morning, and leave your wallet at home, and don't discover it until the cashier announces your total, they will simply save your receipt and let you leave your cart there until you finally make it back almost an hour later. They're just all such nice people.


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