yowzers. my car insurance came to over $1200 for SIX MONTHS. how do people afford to drive??? winnie, i'm sorry about your dog too. that's so sad! today for lunch we went to tasty curry on 9th between irving and judah. it was good enough, nothing spectacular, although it was better in quality but i assume worse in price than naan n' curry. i liked the rice dish though -- i'd never had indian rice dishes until i came here. have i just always bypassed it on the menus? it was super spicy. i fixed my powerbook today. it'd be crashing everytime i picked it up a certain way, and i was afraid something was seriously wrong with it. luckily after cruising the mac support discussion boards, i discovered it was a rather common problem -- my airport card wasn't pushed in all the way. a lot of trauma has been caused by people like me, who are too afraid of breaking something expensive to give their airport card and nice firm push. she's doing great now.


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