The Kendall Cafe closed???? I just discovered that place last year! I'm so sad! They have really good food! In other news of things that piss me off, check out the photo accompanying this Crimson article. I am SO pissed that they think it is okay to put up posters like this. I am SO personally offended that in the name of compassion they feel they can make such a statement about my life and my choices. I am glad I am not there, otherwise I would be in danger of physically injuring whoever put up those signs. In less inflammatory news, this week I have embarked on a quest to explore freezing food. I'm tired of my food going bad in the fridge, and I'm tired of eating the same thing all week. For example, all week for lunch I have been eating Pasta with Mushrooms in Pumpkin-Gorgonzola Sauce. It's tasty, but it's starting to become a chore. So last night I made some turkey burritos and wrapped them up for the freezer. I need to buy more freezer bags. And also, since I've recently become obsessed with the notion of trying out the South Beach Diet, eating a ton of pasta every day makes me nervous. There's a great article in Mother Jones on Kucinich. Maybe I'll mail it to you after all my friends finish with the issue. It talks about his political history and what motivates him. Not in an adoring or overly critical way, just in that thoughtful way that I really like about Mother Jones. He sounds really ideal, but also really disconnected. I voted that Dean forgo federal funding, and I promised to send him another $50 to make up for the matching funds. I had my Nader year two years ago -- I'm still a Green at heart, but I've been really inspired by a major candidate who gives a shit about your average, non-special interest American, and I hope it'll become less of a rarity.


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