allow me to take a minute to rave about fastmail.fm ... i really really love this email. some highlights: - 5 times the space of hotmail (10 MB) - you can mask your address so it looks like you're sending everything from whatever account you want - you can set it so that the webmail and your home mail is perfectly synched. i use pine at home and the webmail at work. works like a charm. super easy to save messages i don't want to read anymore to my computer at home. warning: i only send messages from the web interface. if you want to be able to send messages from another email reader, i think you have to upgrade your account. - you can also use it to retrieve your yahoo/hotmail or from any other account you have - stylesheets! you can completely change the look w/ one of their stylesheets or make your own. there are only a couple of downsides to the guest (i.e. free) version: 1) they put a line at the bottom of every email saying something about fastmail but it def beats yahoo or hotmail's multi-line sigs 2) no spam filter, but they have this "bounce" feature that deters spammers from spamming you again 3) you have to watch your traffic quota, but that's prob. not a big deal if you don't send loads of email and the first upgrade is only $15. 4) you have to automatically poll for new mail, but there's a free program called eprompter that you can use as a workaround that will notify you when you get new mail. my username is spacedog7 so you should tell them i referred you. try it, you'll like it! :)


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