been listening to a lot of opera lately. in particular, a sumi jo disc i had, a naxos release i got wicked cheap from newbury comics that people on amazon seemed to like by a woman named luba orgonasova, and a recital disc i got from the library by leontyne price ... i really like how in opera a little less so than in other art forms like film or musical theater, the appearance of the singer doesn't really affect what roles they can take. not sure why i'm on this particular kick (do i need a reason? heh) ... i guess i'm just getting back into it. in a lot of ways opera bores me, but there's something strangely beautiful about the sound of it. as in there are things that a professional singer can do with her voice that most singers can't. which isn't necessarily to say that the non-classical singers are inferior in any way, but i think it's nice to change it up every once in a while. right now i'm hankering for a recording of a mozart opera ... i guess i'll have to dig up that copy of the magic flute i have w/ dawn upshaw (and james levine?) i think ...


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