eating in san francisco was largely disappointing. first off, green's was pretty good. andy had a salad and the ravioli which came in a tasty sauce although the pasta itself was nothing special. to start i had corn "griddlecakes" which ended up being eggy instead of flour-based as i thought the word "griddlecake" would imply. they were good, though. for my entree i had a stuffed peppers dish, and, like andy's dish, the peppers themselves were completely nondescript while the innards, which included pumpkin seeds, were quite tasty. the dish came with a few new potatoes and some kale. the food itself wasn't bad, but our waiter was probably the worst andy and i have ever had. it took him way too long to even come by to take our order and more than 15 minutes to bring our drinks after that and then once our food came he didn't bother coming back until we were finished. by that time andy was so fed up he didn't bother ordering another glass of wine and we didn't feel like sticking around for dessert. it was especially odd b/c he seemed to be extremely chatty to this teenage or a little older couple next to us whom he clearly didn't know. we talked to "andreas" (heh) the manager who was very apologetic, but all in all i don't know if i'd bother going back. other than that the only other notable eating experience was at a place called nirvana in the castro. i'm not sure if it's a national chain, but it's a surprisingly solid pan-asian place. i had some noodles which ended up being super spicy (always a good sign) and pretty good. the appetizer plate was also surprisingly good; their renditions of such asian foods as samosas and egg rolls weren't too far off the mark. our waiter there was very cool ... one of those people who just radiate chillness. pretty good ambience out on the back patio (heated forunately). andy found the bar he liked from the last time he was in SF called the red room which was great. pretty good music, good ambience, nice decor, mostly chill crowd. nearish powell st i think and def. recommended.


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