went to the 'ville last weekend. can i just say how bad the food there is? i went to this medium nice restaurant and the curry i got was so subpar. it was about on par w/ something you'd get at i dunno, friday's or something. our appetizer, which at least had tofu in it, was equally sad, although marginally better. oh well, at least it was cheap. went to the rialto for the first time a couple of weeks ago. it actually wasn't bad. had a really dull redleaf (is that what it's called?) salad and a vegetable dish they whipped up. the vegetable dish would've been rather boring, but they had a lot of different types of interesting mushrooms, all of which were quite tasty. i should learn more about mushrooms, i think. the people i went with said their food was about average. our desserts weren't bad. i forget exactly who had what, but there was a whisky-ish (?) custard that was interesting and a maple walnut ice cream that was pretty good. i don't know anything about the place, but i get the impression it's rather standard, not particularly adventurous. this report is kind of skimpy b/c i have a bad memory, sorry, winnie, heh. going to diva tonight and sultan's kitchen (from winnie's recommendation) w/ andy tomorrow for lunch. found out diva is owned by the kashmir people. not surprised. going to sit down and rank my fav indian places in boston this weekend i think. i keep thinking i've already done this, but i can't find it so i guess i'll just do it again.


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