was in new york this past weekend being a tour guide to my extended family. i did get a chance to see frozen, though, which was worthwhile. not mind-blowing, but it was definitely better than i am my own wife and probably the best play i've seen (or read) in the past five years, with the exception of one flea spare (oh, and private lives). and yes, swoosie kurtz was quite as good as people have said she was, although i didn't find byrne's performance to be that astounding. ran across this place completely by coincidence that winnie and i have been before, called kalustyan's. it's this middle eastern store, and i got two things at their counter that i had last time: a fava bean dish with dill and a lentil/rice dish; both were solid. i noticed that they had a cafe a few doors down. apparently this is a recent addition (february of 2004) according to this article. didn't get a chance to check it out, but i'll definitely be keeping it in mind for next time i'm in ny. also went to a couple of clubs. heaven was really really lame, and the roxy was okay, although the cover was ridiculous ($25). why is it so hard to find a club that plays good music? from now on i'm only clubbing in london and at boston's man ray. haha.


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