i don't think winnie's been here, but there's this place called haley house on dartmouth near tremont. it's a tiny, non-profit bakery whose mission statetment reads: "Working collaboratively, we use our business to foster economic independence for under-employed individuals." basically what they do is use the bakery as a way for people to not only learn the skills of baking, but also to cultivate a work ethic and learn responsibility. a good idea, no? (apparently they also run a soup kitchen and a sustainable farm as well.) noble purpose aside, the food itself is worthwhile as well; andy and i go regularly. for me it's for the lemon-ginger muffins, spinach pies (only available around lunchtime), and cinnamon rolls (only on weekends, unfortunately); for him the carrot-raisin muffins and the equal exchange coffee. if you're in the area on a weekday morning i definitely recommend skipping over the boring francesca's, the always disappointing garden of eden, and the way too heavy (and crowded) flour in favor of a quick fix at haley house.


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