i swear i'll post more interesting stuff, including pictures, once i get my DSL connected. i'm counting down the hours. I AM IN DSL WITHDRAWAL!!!! it's so painful. i'd rather go hungry than not have DSL! ... well, not quite, but you know what i mean. had to write about this really horrible horrible place i went to recently. i was sick this past weekend and staying at andy's so he could wait on me hand and foot i mean take care of me (haha), and i was really wanting some asian food. so i went to this last resort place on tremont (b/c the south end doesn't have that many asian places), called thai village (592 tremont st). boston has a lot of thai restaurants, and i can say that honestly i've been to most of them. this has got to be the worst place for thai food i've ever been. that includes any mall food court thai food i've ever had. now there are certainly a lot of thai restaurants in boston that offer mediocre food, like the two average places on newbury and the two places on boylston near the prudential (not pad thai by berklee, the other two. pad thai is one of the better places in boston). but i think thai village is one of the few eateries in boston, thai or no, that has food that i can hardly finish. i've been there twice, both as a last resort, and both times the food i got was really terrible. the curry i got most recently was absolutely devoid of flavor, and it was watery. as in watered down watery. as in, am i eating colored water or is this supposed to be a curry? avoid at all costs. the weirdest thing is that i checked online out of curiosity to see what other places thought of it, including citysearch, the phoenix, and boston.com, and they all gave this place average reviews. are they crazy?? maybe the reviews are all outdated. anyway ... andy and i also went to island hopper (on mass ave near newbury) recently just b/c we never go there. i was reminded of why. the service was wicked slow, but the food was okay. actually, by coincidence we had the exact same thing i'd gotten from penang in chinatown a couple of weeks ago w/ my sister and cousin: mango chicken and a tofu curry. of course the island hopper version wasn't as good, but the main drawback to this place is that it's overpriced. in boston there's either cheap fast food places or higher end places with nothing in between. grrr. tonight i'm going to pad thai to wash out the taste of that bad thai place. why is it that their lunch food always tastes bad, but their dinner food is usually okay? oh, and for the record dok bua is still the best thai food in town. and one of my favorites ever (even though our favorite waitress left). be sure to get the tofu gra prow. okay, now i'm rambling.


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