you prob. don't really care, but for the sake of being a completist i'm posting about this old mix tape i made in 1998 that i just finished transferring to CD (with some large revisions). i have a bunch of old tapes like this lying around that i'm slowly working my way through. it's always interesting to me how my music tastes have evolved, and this actually ended up being a really short mix for me b/c i rejected so many songs that i can barely listen to now (like a stone temple pilots song and bitter sweet symphony and a sarah mclachlan track, all three of which at the time i included mostly for the sake of variety rather than any real love). it's short also b/c i took out the classical and musicals tracks b/c nowadays i'm a bit more concerned w/ mixes flowing and not being so much of a jumble. looking at these songs now they seem to be generally simplistic (especially the ones that i didn't include), but maybe it's b/c now 7 years later (!) i'm so familiar with them. while putting this together i also thought about how music-wise college seems to be such a fertile period for so many people. there's something so unique about living w/ a bunch of strangers who become friends and borrowing CDs (one of my great hobbies). even though i still share CDs w/ people occasionally, that and recommending mp3s just isn't the same. i feel like i have better and stronger memories about where and from who each of these songs came from than the songs on most of the mixes i make these days. is it b/c i find a lot of music on my own these days (due possibly to the pervasiveness of the internet where i can get recommendations from strangers more readily than from close friends)? or b/c that first year of college is such a unique experience it's more memorable than my current years of monotonous drudgery (well, relatively speaking), a.k.a. full-time employment? i think it's more the former. two last comments: it was fun to rediscover tammy wynette. have a CD of hers i've been meaning to listen to for a while now. the mikado track is a really fantastic song (w/ superlative lyrics. btw, the movie -topsy turvy- was pretty tedious, but the staged song excerpts were worthy, if not completely redeeming, highlights). for those of you who know us, did you know anand and i were in the mikado at MIT in the fall of 1998? feels like centuries ago. i think i even have some ridiculously incriminating pictures somewhere of us from back then. --- making lists in my sleep: 1998 mix revisited 1 ani difranco . not a pretty girl . cradle and all 2 david bowie . best of bowie . golden years 3 pizzicato five . big hits and jet lags 1994-1997 (import) . happy sad (japanese version) 4 bjork . homogenic . jóga 5 smashing pumpkins . mellon collie and the infinite sadness . stumbleine 6 jonathan larson . rent (OBC) . take me or leave me 7 tammy wynette . best of tammy wynette . your good girl's gonna go bad 8 the smiths . the queen is dead . there is a light that never goes out 9 tori amos . miami, FL (10/23/1996) . girl [edited] 10 aphex twin . richard d. james album . milkman 11 gilbert and sullivan, shilling/rawlins, rochester PO/elder . the mikado . beauty in the bellow 12 ani difranco . imperfectly . imperfectly 13 erasure . crackers international (EP) . stop! 14 ben folds five . whatever & ever amen . battle of who could care less 15 tracy chapman . self-titled . fast car 16 the dan emery mystery band . love and advertising . space renegade 17 tori amos . caught a lite sneeze (EP, US) . toodles mr. jim close but no cigar: sarah mclachlan . surfacing . do what you have to do


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