actually i have to also add that i've been reading the babynamewizard blog (home of the totally cool baby name voyager). i dunno why, but i find this fascinating. i like how the trends of names reveal so much about society. or maybe it's b/c almost every name calls to mind a character just waiting to be written. either way it makes for very entertaining time wastage. and i have to confess that andy bought me the book also! people are going to think we're going to have a baby! HAHAHA.


Blogger winnie said...

weirdly enough, italians restrict themselves to, oh, maybe 20 names (each, male and female). and you thought it was bad enough growing up just another blip in the sea of julies, heathers, or jasons? (or, i guess if we're speaking about present-day trends, amongst dylans, cadences, and aidens.)

i don't know what social convention it is that limits them so -- i think they have to name their kids after the saints or something (but still, there are plenty of non-catholics -- and indeed -- atheists in italy these days to produce something other than another generation of maurizios, fulvios and maddalenas, no?) i don't get it.

but then again, this american all-out obsession with baby names is nothing short of scary sometimes.

i admit, though -- 'ruby' is one of my favorites too.

6/01/2005 10:31:00 AM  
Blogger foo said...

A.'s favorite baby name is.. and I can't spell it, but it sounds like "Carducious". This weekend I met a kid whose name is "Idrys". His dad calls him something like "Drees".

6/01/2005 06:05:00 PM  

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