been really pressed for time, so i kind of had to throw this collection of "A"'s together. i'm def. gearing myself up for a more thematic mix, but in the meanwhile there's this hodge-podge of mostly peripheral likes. prob. one of my shortest mixes ever. some middle-aged housewife music that i picked up randomly, some somewhat generic indie, and some electronic-ish stuff. worth noting is the "it" band, architecture in helsinki, track which i got from winnie and which is excellent (although i haven't liked the other tracks i've heard of them), and the absentee track which i got from the BBC collective site (hence the mediocre quality), which is so low-key folky that you may start worrying that they're cadavers. prob. not a keeper mix, but i've been meaning to do a mix like this for a while. and i think the sequel (the "B" team, i suppose) will be much easier. --- when the evenings fall mix collective mix #2: the "A" team 1 architecture in helsinki . one heavy february 2 rick astley . never gonna give you up 3 arcade fire . neighborhood #2 (laika) 4 aphex twin . mookid 5 american analog set . come home baby julie, come home 6 jeff arundel . hey ann 7 ambrosia . a reminiscent drive 8 apollo sunshine . katonah 9 archers of loaf . harnessed in slums 10 geoff abraham . i'll come around 11 tori amos, bt . talula (the tornado mix) 12 a-ha . dark is the night for all 13 arab strap . monday at the hug & pint . glue 14 the album leaf . wander 15 absentee . there is a body in a car somewhere (live)


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