this mix came together pretty quickly. it's one of those mixes that's been in the back of my mind for a while. i decided early on to stay away from remixes, and i wavered about including any tracks with vocals, but in the end i made just a few exceptions for a change of pace. i tried to mix up the types of sounds (hence the inclusion of the club-y darude track and the method man track), but i noticed my general preference is toward insect-y, skittery, and/or bleepy-bloopy kinds of electronica, often with instruments included; i guess more "textured" than groove-oriented. unsurprisingly, pretty much all of these tracks are one-offs for me (and i know next to nothing about the artists and i imagine neither do you, with a few exceptions), although the autechre track is from the pi soundtrack which is uniformly good. i'd say about a third of these came from my own poking around the 'net and the rest from compilations and friends' mixes. some of these tracks are quite exquisite and i'd almost say symphonic (the darkhalo track is particularly noteworthy, imo). anyway, there's my october mix ... heh. keep bouncin' (and crank it up) electronic music mix 9/30/04 1 UNKLE (feat. ian brown) . be there 2 darude . sandstorm 3 korai orom . tavalyi 4 darkhalo . analog snow bunny girl 5 roy davis jr . rock shock (live) 6 marcel wanders . nightingales 7 super jupiter/method man . judgement day (remix) 8 arovane . tascel 7 9 autechre . kalpol intro 10 remixer?/tanaka . metroid (remix) 11 aphex twin . alberto balsalm 12 alexkid . nightlines 13 sebastien tellier . la ritournelle


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