kind of funny story in that "not really funny at the time but kind of funny in retrospect" sort of a way. so a couple of weekends ago andy and i dropped in on delux (chandler st., south end (near clarendon)). i'd been before but it had been a while, and it looked about how i remembered it. we sat down and ordered. maybe five minutes after we ordered the couple next to us ordered, and i happened to notice they ordered the exact same entrees. both of us get our appetizers within a decent amount of time. (which, btw, was soft tortilla "chips" with fruit salsa. someone please explain to me the logic behind soft tortilla chips w/ runny salsa?) anyway, now guess what happens? [pause inserted here.] if you guessed that the waitress comes up and gives our entrees to the couple sitting next to us, then ding ding ding you guessed correctly. now, i can kind of understand this. mistakes happen. but this is the funny-but-not-really-funny bit: the couple ordered maybe 5 minutes after us. did our food come out 5 minutes after theirs? no, of course not. in fact, after at least 25 minutes (inc. a minute of tracking down our waitress and being assured that our food was on our way and an offer of a free drink) we just threw some money on the table (unfortunately giving the girl a way bigger tip than she deserved) and got up and left. some points to keep in mind: 1) the waitress said that the delay was b/c there was only one person working in the kitchen. what are they thinking? it's a saturday night for cryin' out loud. 2) the waitress probably never even realized her mistake. 3) how long does it take to warm up some soup? 4) another big strike against the place is that when we came in we noticed that a couple had been allowed to comandeer two more tables and were holding fort. such a bad idea, b/c of course their friends didn't show up right away and so for the next twenty minutes we had to watch people being turned away from obviously empty seats. needless to say delux has vaulted to the head of my "never again" list. on a more positive note, i was glad to see that audubon circle (838 beacon st, across the bridge from kenmore sq) is extremely laid-back on saturday nights. (prob. b/c all the BU kids are at drunken frat parties.) the food isn't my fav (miracle is much preferred), but i was reading a review from the phoenix about it. as far as i can tell the review was written in 1996 and as far as i can tell their menu is exactly the same almost 10 years later. how's that for steadiness?


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