just got back from my first (and hopefully not last) pixies concert. it amazes me (in a good way) that these guys have come back; and although they didn't quite completely fill the agganis arena (a new venue in town. BU's new hockey rink i think, and conveniently located on the B line), the crowd was very enthusiastic. i'm not going to write a full review, but here are my main thoughts: the show got off to a slow start, w/ "subbacultcha", "wave of mutilation" (which they reprised the slower version of later in the show), and "no. 13 baby", but the songs that really picked up for me were "alec eiffel" (one of my fav pixies songs) and then "la la love you" (david, the drummer, on vox). "vamos" had some fun joey moments, and "hey" was a fantastic highlight near the end of the show. as an encore they did "gigantic", w/ kim on vox. i wouldn't have minded hearing "dig for fire", but of course i can't complain. all in all a good show, despite some somewhat annoying people next to me and only so-so seats. whoo! pixies!


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