some old things i've been meaning to mirror post. here's one:
a couple of weeks ago andy and i watched rivers and tides a semi-documentary about andy goldsworthy, a scottish "environmental" artist currently in his late 40's. his art is fairly interesting and aesthetically satisfying, if not particularly novel. rather too much of the film is spent with goldsworthy spouting cliches about his art and his role as artist, etc., but the works are really what's worth seeing (despite some fairly trite, mostly pseudo-chinese music). one particularly memorable piece was a chain of leaves snaking their way down a river. another was a stone cairn on a beach and an elaborate reed sculpture hung from a tree. found a site with some nice pieces not included in the film (see above). seeing his work on film is i suppose the next best thing to seeing it live, so even though the film itself isn't "must see", it certainly fills a niche.


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