i know that this is going to threaten my remaining shreds of credibility, but there's this ridiculously funny blog called dlisted which bashes celebrities a la star. i'm really not into celebrity gossip at all, but the gay-isms are hilarious, and his "hot sluts of the day" (which has included among others carol channing and beverly clearly) regularly make me laugh out loud. i'm sure this will be perfect for all of you people who have been longing for a gay pal to dish with. here's a sample entry:
    Britney was out and about yesterday proudly showing her new gut! I'm all for loving the whole pregnancy thing. Actually, I know you sluts will disagree with my ass but I think she looks good. Except for the hideous swamp-thing skirt, she looks happy and glowing. So Britney, go on with your trailer trash self!


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