this article about the flood, one of many that evoke a similar reaction, just sums up how much people, including myself, HATE worthless political talk, especially when it comes from the mouth of the president:
    "This administration is not going to rest until every life is saved, until every family is reconnected, until the recovery is complete," [Bush] said. ... Bush returned to the Gulf Coast on Monday, visiting Baton Rouge and Poplarville, Miss., on his third inspection tour, the second by ground. During a stop at Bethany World Prayer Center, several people ran up to meet Bush and first lady Laura Bush. But many hung back and looked on. "I need answers," said Mildred Brown, who has been at the center since Tuesday with her husband, mother-in-law and cousin. "I'm not interested in handshaking. I'm not interested in photo ops."
the small consolation is that pretty much everyone has been recognizing how inept and feeble his action has been. we'll have to see where that leads though in terms of his remaining years (bleh) in office.


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