this will come as no surprise, but i've been bitten by the sudoku bug. for those who don't know, it's a pen-and-paper game, best described as a crossword puzzle with numbers. it's not math-y at all, though; it's purely logic. i first read about it in the ny times, and apparently it's hugely popular in japan and britain and making headway in the states. let's see who else i know gets into it (other than andy who picked up on it last time he went to england). 4th of july, so i watched the fireworks from outside my window; prob. the best and most comfortable view i've had in a while. this boston fireworks press release amused me. i like the names they've given them: "Silver Brocade Waterfalls from Japan, Weiss Blink Pupatelle from Italy, Purple & Lemon Strobe Peony with Gold Popping Pistil from China, Kamuro Rays to Fushia Strobe from Spain, PeachBlow Rainbow from China." can anyone point me to a book about how modern-day fireworks get assembled, etc.? on amazon a cursory search turns up books about how to make your own, but that's not quite what i'm looking for. anyway, happy 4th.


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